Hi, I'm Taylor. By day, I'm a finance writer, with work published on Forbes Advisor, Business Insider, MarketWatch, Experian and more.

My Book of Big Plans is a passion project two years in the making.

Since 2019, I've managed two international moves while having a baby, getting married, self-publishing books and running a six-figure business.

Life was often on the edge of chaos.

Planners are the only thing that kept me sane, employed and able to keep any deadline.

Throughout the years, I've used the margins and note pages of store-bought planners to write out big-picture goals.

In 2022, I decided to sketch out what a planner might look like with goal-setting pages, habit trackers and daily planning pages all in one book.

From there, My Book of Big Plans was born.

As a past recovering lover of "hustle," I created this planner for me and other busy, goal-driven women who are trying to find a balance between succeeding and self-care.

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