Say hello to your most productive and authentic year

Minimalist goal-setting planners for women with big ideas

Organize your chaos, get clear on your vision and set intentional goals.

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Turn thoughts into actions

This is more than a planner—it's a book of new possibilities.

My Book of Big Plans planners help you define meaningful goals and release what no longer serves you.

My Book of Big Plans planners have pages to:

  • set a vision for the year
  • set goals that matter
  • manage daily tasks
  • track habits and gratitude
  • reflect on monthly progress
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The planning method

  • 1. Set the vision

    Get clear on your focus for this year or season of your life.

  • 2. Release the negative

    Figure out what barriers are standing in your way that you can work to overcome.

  • 3. Choose goals

    Write goals, map out action steps, and decide tools you need to succeed.

  • 4. Track goal progress

    Keep tabs on steps you take toward accomplishing goals.

  • 5. Plan monthly and daily

    Keep track of important dates, daily to-dos, and habits.

  • 6. Reflect

    Reflect on what works, challenges you face, and pivots you can make to achieve your goals.

  • goal setting pages

  • weekly planning spreads

  • monthly reflection pages

  • artwork in full color

  • vision and mission setting pages

  • goal trackers

Meet Taylor, the planner creator

As a professional writer, mom, business owner, and military spouse moving across the world (often), day planners are my bible.

Through the years, I used the notes pages and margins of store-bought planners to write big-picture goals and visions for the year.

But at the beginning of 2022, I sketched out what a planner might look like with spaces for goal setting, habit tracking and daily planning in one place.

Those sketches turned into My Book of Big Plans. It's the planner that helps me organize all of my thoughts into intentional goals.

If you're in the middle of a life pivot, season of change or intention, I hope it can do the same for you.